I have been waiting patiently for the trailers for “Prometheus”, a new Ridley Scott film.  Originally it was written as a prequel  to the “Alien” series of films but as development continued it became a film that stands alone although Scott says it contains ‘”Alien” DNA strands’.  The final product will be released in June 2012 but they have been slowly but surely releasing teaser stills and finally this trailer.  So far everything looks promising.  Fingers crossed!!




“The Devil Inside”

“The Devil Inside” is the latest movie based on the “found footage” premise.  The trailer seems creepy enough but  is there room for yet another fake documentary type movie?  We seem to be assaulted with them at all sides these days.  The trailer seems promising but I will wait for a few scenes to be released before I start  trying to make predictions about this one.


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