The Silent House

“The Silent House”

A lot of buzz going on right now in Hollywood about ” Silent House”.  A new independent horror film coming out in March and starring Elizabeth Olson.   Before we talk about that let’s rewind back to the original version. “The Silent House” or “La Casa Muda” is an Urguayan Spanish speaking horror film that was shot in real time in one continuous 78 minute shot.  It was a small film which gained international attention at film festivals.  It ran here in Cleveland in September at the Cinema Wasteland Horror Convention but I was unable to attend.  It has been driving me crazy ever since.  I will finally be receiving it on Wednesday and will let everyone know as soon as I have watched it. The American version stars Elizabeth Olson (Yes, she is the sister of the Olson twins) and looks pretty awesome as well.  So far the reviews are glowing.  Check out the trailers.  First the Urguayan version then the American version.

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