Another Ouija Board Movie???

Yes it is definitely true.  According to the Hollywood Reporter Hasbro is financing the development and has been shopping for a studio.  They describe the movie has more of an action/adventure than horror.  HMMMM  anybody thinking about Jumanji right now??  An even better question would be, is the world big enough for another Ouija board movie?  I mean who could top Tawny Kitaen in “Witchboard” ?

Well the good news is that The writer that Hasbro has signed on Marti Noxon to work on the script.  Noxon has written such awesomeness as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, “Prison Break” and most recently she wrote the remake of  “Fright Night”.  I actually loved the remake of “Fright Night” so this is all encouraging to me.  As for the part about action/adventure as opposed to horror.  There is no way I am staying away from this.  I don’t care what they call it.  YAY!

Now have a little fun and spend a couple seconds checking out the trailer to “Witchboard”.  I can’t stop  from watching this movie whenever it’s on TV.

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