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Holiday Hell!!

Well I am back after almost three full weeks of Holiday cheer.  Lots of fun.  Lots of trouble and lots of drama.  I had an abundance of social obligations and the Trio was always in tow.  Unfortunately one night we had a little too much fun.  There was a work Christmas get together at Kobalt in Cleveland Heights.

There was plenty of pool playing and beer drinking.

Somehow along the way we lost Michael.  I did not notice until the morning that he was gone and I freaked out completely.  I called around and thought of everything I could finally I remembered a little detail.  I was riding with him in my lap.  He must have fallen out when I got out of the car.  Unfortunately, it rained and snowed all night.  He was found literally in the gutter.

He appeared to have been run over by a car and I was afraid I would not be able to clean him up enough.  I was sincerely upset!

I put Freddy and Jason in charge of nursing him back to health with band-aids and aspirin.

And after a full 48 hours of drying out and the aid of some carpet cleaner and a toothbrush, Michael is as good as new.

It was an interesting and sometimes upsetting experience and I would like to thank all of those who were so sweet about the whole thing as it was going down. I had all kinds of help via Twitter and Facebook.  People were asking their FB and Twitter friends to look for him and sending me pictures among other things.  It is nice to find out that so many people have been enjoying the exploits of the Trio.  I am even more motivate to keep going after all that love.  Hope everyone had a great Holiday.  Happy New Year!!

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