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Bazarre Bizarre

I love everything about the Holidays in Cleveland. In particular, I love the shopping.   One of my favorite things over the last couple of years has been the Bazarre Bizarre.  It is a different kind of holiday shopping experience.  Yes you will find plenty of handmade pottery, jewelry, and knitting but you will also find kitsch, lots and lots of kitsch.    Good thing I have some self control otherwise I could have easily spent a fortune.  Despite my self control, however, I did manage to leave with a few cute things.

I bought an amazing necklace complete with enamel heart and pewter dagger from Huffalo Debonaire.  These two talented ladies had a great selection of things that I loved and so did the Trio.  They got along great.  You can find more of their things on Etsy.  Lindsay Huff sells fantastic enamel bling on her Huffalo page and Nicole Stemple sells re-purposed vintage treasures on her Pretty Debonair page.  The necklace that I bought was a collaborative effort from both.   Check them out.  I am sure you will find something for the holidays.

  Lindsay Huff and Nicole Stemple

My new favorite necklace

The Trio and I also met some wonderful people from Massachusetts.  Lulu makes quirky characters with wool.  Very cute.  You can check them out for yourself at

The Trio parties with the Stabby Critters

                           The Trio also ran into some guys they liked at Chileconyarne.


But by far the best part of the day for the Trio was the end of the day. We ran into some lovely ladies who were kind enough to spend some time with our favorite trio of serial killers.  Happy Holidays everyone!!

Terra Incognita and her friend Rachel paying some special attention to the Trio!













Hilarious and weird and probably a little ingenius

Happy Holidays!!

“The Walken Dead”

Check out this awesome video combining two of my favorite things:  “The Walking Dead’ and Christoper Walken.  Aaaahhhh If only the world were filled with people this clever.  Enjoy!





AAAHHH Thanksgiving

Entertainment Earth