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I Miss The 80’s

Slasher 80’s movies make me stupid happy. They are like comfort food for me. AND they had the best trailers!!

Ka-Bob, That’s all I’m saying about this movie!!

One of my personal favorites…Actually very creepy for the time…”He knows your alone”

Love, Love, Love the original “Prom Night”!!!

Cinema Wasteland Spring 2012!

Another Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo has come and gone and it was not a disappointment.  The Trio and I had a great time hob knobbing with the creep loving public.  As always, I spent way too much money on things that I don’t need but have to have.    I mean who doesn’t need a bar of soap in the shape of Michael Myers head?  I know I need it.  The wonderful ladies at have a wide variety of interesting soaps with a sinister twist.

I also ran into the wonderful people at Headsville Roll.  They have a lot of nifty stuff.  I bought a small Zombie Acrylic that I will treasure forever by an artist named Jack Larson.













I got a very nice surprise when I ran into John.  He is the person who sold me Little Jason and Little Michael originally.  I guess you could say he’s like their dad.  I bought a couple pins from him and he was kind enough to pose with the guys.  Look for him at a horror convention near you.  tell him that you are a fan of the Trio and thank him!!











If you want some laughs and some scares then check out “The Puppet Monster Massacre”.  Of course the Trio loves the idea of murderous dolls so they wanted a picture with Dustin Mills and Erica Kisseberth.  Thanks guys and good luck.  We will be watching for you in the future.










The Trio ran into one of their biggest crushes, Terra Incognita.  She is in the film “She Devils A Go Go”.  Make sure that you check it out.

The biggest surprise of the day was running into the iconic “Zombie Girl” from “Night of the Living Dead”.  She was very gracious and thought the Trio was hilarious.  Nice to meet you Kyra Schon.



Let’s be honest though, there wa only one big reason why we spent the day amongst the scary.  We wanted to meet John Saxon.  He is a legend and has a close personal relationship with Freddy Krueger.  He was so nice and so patient with the fans.  His wife was very impressed when she found about the Trio’s fan base.  She asked that we give a shoutout.  Go to his site to purchase a photo or better yet, send him a note or an email and tell him how much you admire him.  Tell him that the Trio and Jenny Bendis sent you.  Visit his site at or drop him a note:

c/o Palimpest Productions Inc.,

P.O. Box 492480

Los Angeles, California, 90049

All in all, it was a fabulous day at Cinema Wasteland.  The Trio and I can’t wait until the Fall Expo.  Have a great Summer and keep watching those Horror Movies!!



Awesome 70’s Movie Trailer for “The Evil”

I love going through old movie trailers on YouTube.  It doesn’t get much more entertaining than this!!



Now That’s Scary…………

Happy Birthday to Michael Bolton. Now that’s scary!! AAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Gag Gift of the Century

OK  This is the best thing I’ve seen yet.  I’m going to buy 10 of these and give them to every sci-fi geek I know for Christmas next year.    They have several different colognes that are Star Trek and Avengers themed.  Check out the Shirtless Kirk or My personal favorite:  SULU!

  Order Star Trek Sulu Pour Homme Excelsior! Cologne from Entertainment Earth!

Happy Ash Wednesday!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

Cafe Press

I have been getting a  lot of requests  for merchandise for the Trio of  Terror.  The quickest thing for me to do right now was to set up a Cafe Press shop until I can finalize some other plans.  Feel free to shop through the shop.  There are a lot of cute items.  I bought the Iphone cover.  Check out the picture below and have fun browsing.  Thanks for all of your support.


Resident Evil 6

I know that there is a new Resident Evil movie being filmed but what I am really looking forward to is Resident evil 6. Resident Evil is my all time favorite video game. I still ain’t play a Resident Evil game with the lights out. It is the only game that has ever actually scared me and made me nervous. Check it out!!

A Very Zombie Holiday

Entertainment Earth