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Words of Wisdom

I Miss The 80’s

Slasher 80’s movies make me stupid happy. They are like comfort food for me. AND they had the best trailers!!

Ka-Bob, That’s all I’m saying about this movie!!

One of my personal favorites…Actually very creepy for the time…”He knows your alone”

Love, Love, Love the original “Prom Night”!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Wow Busy day for horror birthdays. On June 20th, Twiggy Ramirez, Robert Rodriguez, and Nicole Kidman celebrate birthdays. Twiggy Ramirez (birth name Jeordie White) is the bassist for Marilyn Manson so we love him. Robert Rodriguez is the amazing director of Planet Terror, Sin City, and so many others including one of my personal guilty pleasures, “The Faculty”. Nicole kidman has starred in so many films but “The Others” made my skin crawl the first time I saw it. You earn my respect when you make my skin crawl. Happy Birthday to these talented people!!

happy birthday twiggyhappy birthday nicole kidmanhappy birthday robert rodriguez

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