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OMG I Want It!!

I have to have this the minute it is released.  Unfortunately I have to wait til July.  I am a Star Wars nerd from way back.  I had a Star Wars poster in my room when I was in 8th grade.  Isn’t he cute!!


Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Best Horror Movie Quotes

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.”

Psycho (1960) (Norman Bates)

Awesome 70’s Movie Trailer for “The Evil”

I love going through old movie trailers on YouTube.  It doesn’t get much more entertaining than this!!



Now That’s Scary…………

Happy Birthday to Michael Bolton. Now that’s scary!! AAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Dakota Fanning and Emily Blunt. Dakota was born in 1994 and Emily Blunt was born in 1983. “Twilight” fans know Dakota from that beloved series. Emily Blunt starred in “Wolfman” and in a lesser known horror film called “Wind Chill”. If you haven’t seen “Wind Chill” I recommend it. It is quite an interesting ghost story. Happy Birthday ladies. Have a great day!!

Coming Soon!!

I have been waiting for Tim Burton’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for almost 2 years. Now that the trailers are starting to roll out I am in full blown frenzy. Before you watch the trailer, I have included a YouTube clip of Tim Burton introducing the film at an event. Pretty cool stuff.

Gag Gift of the Century

OK  This is the best thing I’ve seen yet.  I’m going to buy 10 of these and give them to every sci-fi geek I know for Christmas next year.    They have several different colognes that are Star Trek and Avengers themed.  Check out the Shirtless Kirk or My personal favorite:  SULU!

  Order Star Trek Sulu Pour Homme Excelsior! Cologne from Entertainment Earth!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Drew Barrymore.  Drew was born in 1975.  We all got to know her in 1982 when she appeared in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.  She has appeared in dozens of films since E.T. and several thriller/horror movies including “Firestarter”, “Cat’s Eye”, “Waxwork II” and my personal favorite, “Scream”.  Happy Birthday Drew!!



Happy Ash Wednesday!!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Chuck Palahniuk. Palahniuk was born in 1962 and is best known for his novel, “Fight Club”. He has written many novels including “Haunted”, “Choke”, and “Survivor”. I have always been a fan of his work and I am confident there is still lots to come. Happy Birthday Chuck. Thanks for weirding us out!!

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